The teardrop gets a roof

The teardrop gets a roof

September 4, 2018 0 By Michael

The time has come to add a roof to the teardrop. To start off I had to sand down the insulation as it was standing proud of the walls as seen below.

foam sticking up past the walls

The belt sander made quick work of the foam.

foam sanded down

After cutting down a few of the 4×8 flexible plywood to 67″ long. I installed some scrap wood to the bottom of the floor. You can just make out one in the picture above. Next I spread out construction glue that’s rated for the foam and layed the plywood up. I also used a nail gun to fasten the boards together. Below you can see the plywood sticking out past the walls.

roof overhang

To locate the horizontal boards under the plywood, I would back out their screws and wrap a piece of twine around both of them. This gave me piece of mind that I was securing to wood and not foam.

roof gets nailed down

Afterwards I used a flush trim router bit to make everything flush.

roof flush with walls

Tools used for this portion of the build: