Building the galley hatch.

Building the galley hatch.

June 23, 2019 0 By Michael

Next on the agenda was building the galley hatch. The galley hatch was possibly the hardest part to build. This is because you need it to match the lines of the trailer perfectly and you need it to be watertight. While the weight of it wasn’t too bad, the size of it meant I always wanted help moving it. That help wasn’t always around and I’ve lifted it too many times to count without help. Bulky is an understatement.

I started off with the ribs I cut out earlier in the project. After cutting out the walls using the template I created. I had cut down the template to make a template for the ribs. The ribs are created from 3/4″ plywood. The spars running in between them were made from the cutoffs from the roof spars. I did use two poplar 1×2’s at the top of the galley hatch for the hinge to attach too. The hurricane hinge is from Vintage Technologies, I’m using their HT06-01 Flat Hurricane Hinge w/Flat Bar. The flat boards showing in the picture below are scraps of birch plywood, they provide mounting points for the galley lights and for the locking mechanism.

Galley hatch with just ribs and spars installed
Galley hatch with just ribs and spars installed.

After getting the shape of the galley hatch sorted out, it was time to skin it. Just like I did for the roof I used 1/4″ bending plywood from Plywood Company of Fort Worth. I used glue and brad nails to attach the plywood to the frame.

skinning the galley hatch
skinning the galley hatch with 1/4″ plywood

Just as we did with the rest of the trailer the hatch was covered in 6 oz fiberglass and epoxy was used to give the galley hatch strength and to waterproof it. I used the same process as I did here

fiberglass and epoxy on the galley hatch
fiberglass and epoxy on the galley hatch

After the epoxy cured I mounted the hinge for the final time. Hopefully we lifted it in to place on trailer for the final time as well. The galley hatch was then trimmed with some offset T-moulding again from Vintage Technologies. I also installed one of their T-handle latch kits.

galley hatch installed for the final time and trimmed.
Galley hatch installed for the final time and trimmed.

The tools I used during this process:
Dewalt Drill & Driver kit:
Dewalt router:
Freud flush trim router bit: